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Coffee: It can be a simple daily routine or something you study and obsess over for a lifetime.  Anywhere you fall on that spectrum of experience should be rewarding and worthwhile.  Coffee is one of the most complex beverages we know of.  Similar to the classically complex wine, coffee has over 800 aromatic compounds that affect what ends up in your cup.  Here we will give you a place to jump off if you've never brewed coffee before or if you want to deepen your understanding of this amazing drink.

Just the Essential Info - aka "I have some coffee and I just need to know how much to use"

The standard brewing ratio is 1 - 2 Tablespoons ground coffee per 6 ounces of water

At Cottonwood, we prefer to use these measurements: 20-30 grams coffee per 300 grams water

Okay, so you want to take your coffee to the next level of quality

For people brewing coffee at home, we strongly recommend basic "pour over" techniques.  The idea is strikingly simple: grind the coffee, place the coffee in a filter, pour hot water over the top.  This is essentially what a counter top coffee maker already does, but you can be much more precise and get much better results.  You will need a few items that you may not already have.  You can get them from our store or many other places.

Here is a great intro to pour over coffee created by Verve Coffee Roasters - Video

For more detailed information on brewing check out this page by Sweet Maria's.

Oh, you want to be an expert?

There are really great reasons to explore the world of coffee.  For one, you will inevitably end up with a better cup of coffee.  That is a major prize in itself.  Secondly, it is a lot of fun!  Most people that have even a passing interest in coffee find the nuances and complexities pretty fascinating.  You can also impress people with random knowledge.  Finally, coffee is fundamentally linked to community.  Coffee is the "to be talked over" beverage.  It brings people together and facilitates interesting conversations.  Coffee is global.  True specialty coffee is also a key way for impoverished farmers to drastically improve their quality of life.  

There are a myriad of resources available online, including many forums where you can learn or ask questions.  We'll just link to three organizations with incredible information:

The Specialty Coffee Association of America

The Coffee Quality Institute

For more information about how we roast and where we source our coffee beans from, please visit our roasting page.