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We Take Coffee Seriously

Each batch is hand crafted in our roasting facility.  The beans are graded while green, roasted and then sampled for quality and consistency.  Small batch roasting allows for the utmost control over quality.

Our head roaster is a licensed Q Grader and trained in evaluating coffee to ensure that the customer only gets the best quality cup at the best value.  

Who We Are

We've been in the coffee business for thirteen years, but we haven't always roasted coffee.  Roasting is not something you just do.  It requires a deep understanding of coffee, chemistry, the application of heat to raw beans, even coffee agronomy.  Sometimes as much art as science, roasting takes many long hours of careful practice and observation to simply become proficient.  The results...and what we sought for Cottonwood...are unequaled control over the quality of the coffee.

For the last seven years Jacob has been working to perfect the roasts that Cottonwood provides for the community.  This is a small family operation.  We roast in small batches to ensure optimal quality and consistency.  


Every bean is intentionally sourced from the finest coffee farms in the world.  Through our importer we have direct access to small farms in all of the coffee producing regions of the globe.  Only 10% of all coffee consumed makes the "Specialty" grade and ours is the best of the specialty coffee.

Many of our coffees come from Cafe Imports in Minneapolis MN.  This importer is renowned for their commitment to both quality coffee offerings and a cooperative, sustainable relationship with coffee farmers.  Through importers like Cafe Imports, we are able to bring the most exceptional coffees from across the world to South Dakota so that they can be roasted for our loyal, discerning customers.