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Kenya AA - Kandara Region - light roast


Kenya AA - Kandara Region - light roast


Coffee trees were first planted in Kandara in 1954, which now boasts 11 wet mills and 6000 farmers within this coop situated on the eastern slopes of the Aberdare mountain range. The coop is managed by 9 electoral members, each representing a zone. These cherries were selectively hand-picked and are brought to the Kandara wet mill the same day of picking where they were fully washed and sun-dried before being sent to the Socfinaf Coffee Mills. This is a Rainforest Certified coffee. (courtesy of Cafe Imports)

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Origin: Kenya

Region: Central Kenya - Kandara, Ithiru

Farm: Kandara Farmers Cooperative Society

Variety: SL 28 and 25% of Ruiru 11

Altitude: 1650-1800 meters

Proc. Method: Fully Washed, Sun-dried

The Cup

"Tropical fruit, bright, clean, braeburn apple, sweet, juicy, key lime, red currant. GRAINPRO BAGS"